Conklin Duraflex 120th Anniversary Fountain Pen Limited Edition

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This elegant pen is a real treat for your eyes. The limited edition Conklin pen offers a black and blue marble affect on both barrel and cap with rose gold trims making this piece truly eye catching. The striking and unusual Omniflex flexible nib is rose gold in colour to match the pens trims. A beautiful writing instrument that would be a lovely gift as well as a good addition to an existing collection. Gift box includes a 120th Anniversary 30ml bottle of Conklin blue ink.

Based on Conklin's original styles of pen and inspired by the rich heritage of the brand throughout the 1930s. This limited edition adds an energetic, vivid and contemporary style to a streamlined and already timeless oversized design.

Only 1898 have been made and we have very limited stock. This pen is a great addition for any collector or pen enthusiast.

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