Napkin 4.Ever Never Ending Perpetual Pencil in Titanium, Aluminium, Black & Blue + Gift Box

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Napkin 4Ever

This includes 1 revolutionary Napkin perpetual pencil in your choice of colour including a beautiful gift box. The pencil colours available are Titanium, Aluminium, Black and Air Force Blue. This unique ink-free pen is the perfect gift for writing instrument lovers. The Napkin Pencil writes perpetually, requires no ink and no refill and absolutely no sharpening! The markings can be erased just like a regular pencil.

Further Information

This never-ending pencil offers the characteristics of a pencil however you never need to sharpen it, making it a revolutionary product which is extremely useful to people in fields which require the use of a pencil on a daily basis. It has a patented metal tip, which is realized in Ethergraf® and is 100% made in Italy.

Inspired by Leanardo Da Vinci's use of a silver tipped stylus which left indelible marks on a specific paper made in a specialised process. This ever lasting pencil has come a long way since the initial concept designs, moving from an overdone, hard to use pencil to a beautiful, ergonomic, revolutionary writing instrument which combines both ancient and mordern ideas.

The Napkin 4Ever received a special mention in GranDesignEtico 2012 for its passion, style and genius.

The totally unique stylus is made from aluminium and the tip is formed from a metal alloy called Ethergraf® which is composed by a team of goldsmiths, the secret behind the "never-ending" feature to the product.

The Napkin 4Ever pencil comes with a free UK delivery and beautiful gift box making it a great present for writing instrument lovers, artists & mechanics.

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