Parker Sonnet Chiselled Carbon and Titanium Fountain Pen MEDIUM PKF008

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A professional and sophisticated writing instrument, the Parker Sonnet fountain pen in chiselled carbon with titanium trims offers brings a suave and stylish addition to the timeless Sonnet range.

Each Sonnet fountain pen is quality inspected individually and hand assembled from 17 components and is described by Parker themselves as a symbol of elegance.

Featuring a chevron notch chiselled design (hence the name) on a brass base - the pen has a nice weight and feel, ensuring a pleasurable writing experience. A Titanium coating creates the rich graphite colour.

The trims are nickel/palladium plated.

The nib features a criss cross pattern, is 18k gold and rhodium plated and has a MEDIUM nib.

Compatible with both Parker branded Standard and Mini ink cartridges.

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