Pilot Capless Tropical Turquoise Limited Edition 2019 Fountain Pen

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This Pilot Capless 2019 Limited Edition Capless Fountain Pen is the latest edition to the Capless range. With its timeless and sophisticated, tropical turquoise design, this pen really stands out from the crowd. This fountain pen comes in a luxury gift box. Pilot refills are available online in a wide range of colours

-Nib Available in fine and medium

Capless fountain pens by the Pilot Pen company are a beautiful, functional and modern fountain pen, offering exceptionally smooth writing, incredible looks and a retractable nib. Due to the retracting nib mechanism, the ink remains moist for a long period of time and you don't have to worry about losing your lid. 

    About the Capless Range

    The Pilot Capless range combines mechanics and aesthetics to create expertly functioning yet beautiful fountain pens. As the name suggests, this pen has no cap and in it's place has a retractable nib which doesn't leak ink and completely protects the fountain pen nib. The nib includes 18crt gold and is available in fine, medium and broad depending on the pen, although nibs can be bought separately. Pens in the Pilot Capless range are refillable by converter and ink or by cartridges. Ideal for both collectors and writing enthusiasts. Let us know the nib you prefer or it will come with a medium nib.

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