Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxikit - 3 Pens, 3 Nibs, 14 Cartridges + Instructions

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A party in a box for the dedicated calligrapher of any level! Sheaffer have mastered the art of fine lettering with Sheaffer calligraphy pens.

Making it easy for the entry level calligrapher to develop basic skills with comfortable, easy-to-use tools and supplies, while also addressing the distinctive needs of more advanced calligraphers.

With Sheaffer calligraphy pens, your script will flow as smoothly as the ink.

Included in the BOX of the Sheaffer calligraphy set is:

  • 3 x Sheaffer viewpoint fountain Pens with different nib grades
  • Visible ink supply
  • Comfort grip
  • 14 x assorted Sheaffer Skrip ink cartridges
  • Tracing Pad
  • Step by step instructions
  • Sheaffer Limited 1 Year Warranty


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