Sheaffer Legacy Centennial Limited Edition Sterling Silver 2013 Fountain Pen Each pen is numbered

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Sheaffer Legacy Limited Edition Sterling Silver 2013
Sheaffer Luxury Fountain Pen in Sterling Silver, each pen is numbered
The pen has been produced to celebrate the Centeneray of Sheaffer.
This is an edition of only 1913 pens (worldwide) produced in solid silver with fine engraving depicting the history of its founders and the company itself.
The trims and nib are palladium plated with 18K gold - the pen is made in Germany
The pen is exquisitely gift boxed and comes with a bottle of Skrip 1913-2013 Limited Edition Black ink & a packet of blue and a packet of Black Sheaffer ink cartridges.
The pen comes with a convertor.
Includes all manufacturer warranties and guarantees

Sheaffer's origins are in America where it began trading in 1912 and was incorporated in 1913 - today it is a subsiduary of Bic
It is known, in particualar for its Fountain Pens & Ballpoint pens and today it makes for companies such as Ferrari
Sheaffer is recognisable by it symbolic white dot which appears on its wrting instruments
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