Sherpa Sharpie Marker Pen Case with Free Sharpie Marker Gift Boxed Half & Half P-5044

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Sherpa Marker Pen Case for Sharpies
A beautiful Sharpie Marker Pen Case for customising your Sharpie pens
***This is a great concept product - cover that marker barrel and turn it into a snazzy looking pen***

The Sherpa Half and Half features a black and white rectangular pattern with polished chrome trim
The Sherpa is a unique pen shell which transforms your dull looking disposable pen or marker into a stylish and classy looking writing instrument.

Each Sherpa is made from aluminium and comes in an assortment of lacquered finishes and an innovative cap to keep the colour of the marker or pen, bold and fresh every time! Each Sherpa comes with a free sample of the Sharpie Permanent Marker.
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