Trodat Classmates Box of 6 or 12 Teacher Stamps Pre-Inked

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These boxes of Trodat classmates are a great way for teachers to provide feedback, whether constructive or positive, to pupils and students. They are also useful for providing instant feedback during class, further engaging children, rewarding efforts and encouraging the achievement of learning targets. Trodat Classmates are pre-inked and available in 3 different boxes of either 6 or 12 featuring different stamp styles.

Stamp Boxes Options

Box A

  • "Excellent" thumbs up in green
  • "Very Good" Sun in blue
  • "Good" Ladybird in red
  • "Beautiful" Flower in purple
  • "Brilliant" Cat in orange
  • "Neat Work" lamb in green.

Box B

  • "Smart" Owl in dark blue
  • "Keep it Up" bird in Red
  • "Got it!" house in dark blue
  • "Getting There" turtle in green
  • "Magic Work" pig magician in red
  • "WOW!" snail in light blue

Box D

  • "Star" in yellow
  • "Good work, keep it up" butterfly in purple
  • "Excellent work" apple in green
  • "Much Improved" fish in blue
  • "Fabulous" rabbit in blue
  • Book in Black
  • "First Class Work" in red
  • "Keep Up The Hard Work" monkey in red
  • "Very Well Done" bird in light blue
  • "Teacher Assisted Work" in purple
  • "Good Effort" frog in green
  • Smiley face in Red.


  • 22mm x 22mm Impression Size
  • Choice of 3 boxes
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