Trodat Classmates Individual Teacher Stamps Pre-Inked

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Trodat Classmates are a fantastic tool for teachers to use to motivate pupils. These pre-inked stamps can be used for marking work and providing instant feedback in class. By using stamps for providing feedback you not only improve your marking by making it more constructive and child friendly, but also further engage pupils helping them achieve learning targets more easily. There are 10 available styles offering feedback ranging from constructive to positive in varying colours.

Stamp Styles

  • Brilliant, Cat, in orange
  • Excellent, Apple, in green
  • First Class Work, Star, in red
  • Good Work, Keep it Up Butterfly, in Purple
  • Learning Objective Achieved!, Stars, in Yellow
  • Much Improved, Fish, in Dark Blue
  • Peer Assessed, Tick, in Purple
  • Smiley Face in Red
  • Target Met, Target Face, in Blue
  • Teacher Assisted Work, Pencil, in Blue


  • 22mm x 22mm Impression Size
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