Trodat Printy 4912 Teacher Stamp Self Inking in Various Designs

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The Trodat Printy 4912 is a fantastic tool for teachers for both in the classroom and when marking work. During class, the Trodat Printy can be used to provide instant feedback, whether constructive or positive, to pupils, further engaging them during class and encouraging the achievement of learning targets. When marking the stamps can be used for discouraging mistakes and positively reinforcing good work. The Trodat Printy is self inking and is available in 16 options varying in feedback, design and colours.

Stamp Styles

  • Faces A - Traffic Light Faces in green, amber and red
  • Faces B - Learning Objective Achieved in dark green and grey
  • Faces C - Verbal Feedback Given in light green and grey
  • Feedback A - Traffic Lights in green, amber and red
  • Feedback B - Verbal Feedback Given in dark green and grey
  • Feedback C - Remember! …. in light green and grey
  • Remember 1A - Remember to use capital letters. in dark green and grey
  • Remember 1B - Remember to use full stops. in light green and grey
  • Remember 1C - Remember to use finger spaces. in blue and grey
  • Remember 2A - Remember to use capital letters and full stops. in purple and grey
  • Remember 2B - Remember to check your spellings. in red and grey
  • Remember 2C - Remember to read through your work. in blue and grey
  • Work Assessment 1A - Independent Work in purple and red
  • Work Assessment 1B - T.A. Assisted Work in light blue and green
  • Work Assessment 1C - Teacher Assisted Work in dark blue and orange
  • Work Assessment 2A - Adult Assisted Work in red and green


  • 46mm x 18mm Impression Size
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