Waterman Edson Fountain Pen in Sapphire Blue and Gold

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A fine example of exquisite French design in Waterman's distinctive and iconic sapphire blue and gold. The Edson's sleek shape and refined lines pay homage to the brands prestigious and elegant reputation.

The barrel is a beautiful, deep sapphire blue lacquer with gold detail and a 23k matt gold cap. The nib is available in either fine or medium width and is solid 18k gold and provides a consistent and smooth writing experience.

Waterman's founder, Lewis Edson Waterman, lent his name to this piece. Known for it's steady performance even at high altitudes. Due to functionality and it's somehow futuristic yet timeless design, the Edson will forever be both in the Waterman hall of fame and a favourite with writing instrument enthusiasts.


  • 23k gold plated trim
  • Fine or Medium Solid 18k gold nib
  • Fitted with ink converter
  • Supports ink cartridges
  • Covered by Waterman's 3 year warranty
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