Ballpoint Pens

Also known as the Biro, ballpoint pens are a highly universal everyday writing instrument and is more often than not, the go to pen in every ones pencil case, bag or pocket. Due to their convenience and low manufacturing costs, they are now the most common writing instrument in the world. In fact, ballpoints have been more popular than fountain pens since the 1960s, mainly due to rarely leaking and featuring quick drying ink. Although basic versions have been around since 1888, they all still share universal features including a rolling ball, an oil based ink reservoir and a socket for keeping the ball in place.

Ballpoints are an incredibly reliable and dependable writing tool. They can be stuck at the bottom of a bag for months, on a dusty floor, be dropped, trodden on, submerged in water, left in the sun, snapped and still work. Sometimes they'll need a scribble or a little pressure applied whilst writing to start the ink flow again, but they are still the most resilient type of pen available.

Although ballpoint pens are often in abundance in drawers, bowls, desk tidy's and office floors, a quality ballpoint offers a more luxurious daily writing instrument, boasting sleeker looks, smoother writing, consistent colour and exceptionally low chances of leaking. The ink in ballpoints lasts and lasts, in fact, Bic claim one of their standard ballpoint pens can write over 1.2 miles but a decent ballpoint pen is more often than not refillable, allowing you to benefit from your pen for much longer.

Below you can find refillable, retractable, mini and erasable ballpoint pens by Caran d'Ache, Pilot, Stabilo, Staedtler and other popular brands. We also have a large range of ballpoint refills available for most of our refillable ballpoints. If you're unsure on the correct compatible refill please get in touch.

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