Fountain Pens

Fountain pens were once the most used writing instrument offering a modern alternative to the quill. Rather than constantly topping up ink by dipping the nib in an ink pot, the fountain pen has an internal ink reservoir of water based ink. Designed in such a way so that very little pressure is needed to transfer ink to the paper, fountain pens glide over the page leaving a consistent trail of ink behind. Also proven to adapt to your writing style, fountain pens become smoother and easier to write with over time.

Fountain pens are extremely popular with pen collectors and have progressively become more of a collectors item rather than every day pen.

View our selection below featuring limited editions, children's, disposable and luxury fountain pens. If you have a question about any product please don't hesitate to contact us, we can provide information on available ink cartridges, limited edition serials and stock availability.

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