Rollerball and Gel Pens

Rollerball and Gel Pens both use a water based ink which helps to combine the characteristics of a ballpoint with those of a fountain pen. The colours available in gel and rollerball pens is far greater than those available in ballpoints due to the ink qualities making them more suited to minor colouring in, doodling and making colourful notes.

Less pressure is required when using a rollerball compared to a ballpoint as the ink is less viscous, allowing the ink to be absorbed by paper and flow more easily. However, as the ink is water based, rollerballs don't work as well as ballpoints on shiny or plastic surfaces and can sometimes take longer for the ink to dry, increasing the chances of smudging.

Gel pens have an almost "hybrid" water and oil based ink which requires a little more pressure to allow the ink to flow, and provide more consistent lines and colour than that of a ballpoint. Drying time is quicker than rollerball ink making gel pens more suited to left handed writers.

We stock rollerballs and gel pens by various popular brands including Pilot, Stabilo and Zebra. Browse our pens below, if you have any questions about stock availability or refill compatibility, please get in touch.

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