Colouring Pencils

Everyone at some point has coloured something in some way, such as enjoying colouring your favourite cartoon characters in as a child or colouring in the margin of your diary or planner as an adult.

The Meditation Colouring trend is becoming ever popular with adult colourers who find relaxing their minds is just one of the many benefits gained from taking time out of their day to colour. Find more info in our blog on the benefits of colouring here.

One of the reasons pencils are popular with artists is you can manipulate the tip of a pencil depending on the desired effect you want to achieve, plus coloured pencils can be graduated and blended much easier than felt tips and usually feature more natural but less vibrant colours. Pencils also provide more linear strokes than a felt-tip or paint brush, making blocks of colour harder to render but hair, grass, wood grain and other objects made up of small lines can be easier with pencils.

Below you can find a medley of colouring pencils for adults, students and children.

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