Parker Urban Premium Metallic Pink and Grey Fountain Pen MEDIUM

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This luxury fountain pen manufactured by Parker is in a sophisticated metallic pink with complimenting gunmetal grey trims and a medium width stainless steel nib. Features a stylish and elegant curved "bullet" design allowing for both a comfortable grip and balance whilst writing. for either left or right handers. Comes in a beautiful official Parker branded gift boxed.

The body has stylish chiselled grooves running along which line up with the grooves on the cap. Like every Parker product, it is branded with the Parker Arrow.

The Nib

The stainless steel nib provides superior resistance and durability and is designed to provide an optimal writing angle for both right- and left-handed writers. Fitted with twin-channelled ink feed and collector system, ink is constantly delivered without blotches or skips.

Compatible with Parker Quink Ink Cartridges or with an ink converter for using bottled ink.

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