Stabilo SMARTgraph Left & Right Handed Mechanical Pencil in 4 Colours

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The Stabilo SMARTgraph 0.7mm mechanical pencil is perfect for precision drawing and writing . With it's ergonomically designed rubber grip, the SMARTgraph will feel comfortable in the hand and stop your hand from aching. The grip will help you practice good posture and pen positioning which is vital if you are using it for a long period of time. This pencil has been designed for both Right and left handers. The rubber end allows you to erase any mistakes you have made which will make your work look neater without the clutter.

Why Pick SMARTgraph

  • Choose from a wide range of colours 
  • It takes 0.7mm HB lead 
  • Special versions for both left and right handers 
  • Large erasure at end of pen 
  • Ergonomically designed grips 

Choosing the right colour

This pencil is available in the following bright and vibrant colours  

  • Black/Kiwi
  • Black/Orange 
  • Black/Cyen
  • Black/Purple 


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