Staedtler Noris Club 145 Colour Pencil Tin Box - 3 sizes 12, 24 or 36

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Staedtler Noris Colouring Pencils

The tins contain 12, 24 or 36 assorted colour pencils as ILLUSTRATED in the photograph

the pencil has a 3mm lead and is hexagonal in shape and lacquered making it less likely to roll off the table
this is a great pencil with a new A.B.S. lead - this is the white coating you can see at the tip of the lead - and makes the lead 30% more break resistant.
Pencil conforms to EN71
please note the tins themselves are assorted - the photograph is just one of the range - we buy them assorted and sell them accordingly some have a sports theme, some have an historical castle theme and some have an animal theme
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