Waterman Expert Deluxe Ballpoint Pen in White Lacquer with Black and Chrome Detail S0889760

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Waterman DELUXE Expert BALLPOINT Pen in Black and Chrome S0889760
The body of the pen is in white gloss effect with a black grip & gorgeous chrome trims
A unique retro-modern design for a contemporary vintage: deep layers of smooth white lacquer against a metallic cap chiseled with horizontal stripes.
This pen is described by Waterman as "precise, demanding,effective" It has a genorously proportioned barrel - more for the masculine hand ( Waterman's words not mine)

The pen comes with a standard Waterman Refill

Waterman Gift Box

Beautiful looking pen with a good weight when held

Cartridges are available in our shopThis is just one of an extensive range of WATERMAN pens & refills that are available in this shop
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