X-Pen Bullet Rollerball Pen In Chrome, Copper or Blue

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X-Pen Bullet Rollerball Pen
This is a medium weight Roller Ball Pen

It is a smaller than average pen (approx 115mm) to look at with its cap on but when the cap is fitted for writing it is a standard length (approx 150mm) giving it a good weight and balance for the price.

The pen is available in 3 barrel colours for you to choose from: Satin Chrome, Metallic Blue or Metallic Copper.
It comes with a black refill

All X-Pens come in a gift box as the photograph which is white sateen & black velveteen lined

About X-Pens if you don't know this brand
The production process is created with emphasis on high quality, and state of the art technology with a highly accurate finish. A strict quality control and thorough inspection is undertaken before any product leaves the factory.

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