Artline Stix Colouring Markers Pack of 8 Assorted Colours ETX-300UK/8W

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FUN Artline Stix character accessories available here
Create a fun pattern by connecting markers together!

Artline Stix colouring markers are designed for children and offer another dimension of fun to colouring by allowing kids to draw, assemble and play at the same time. You can make and build fun patterns by pushing or clipping the pens to one another.

Draw, Build and Play!

Stix colouring markers have a 1.2mm writing width and bullet shaped nibs with washable, non toxic ink. All ranges of stix pens can be connected to each other and additional connectors can also be purchased.

Artline Stix write in vibrant coloured ink with crips lines and are ideal for drawing or colouring on paper or card.

This is a pack of 8 assorted colours including:
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Yellow Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black
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