Artline Stix Characters Pack of 3 for Stix Pen Range

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Personalise your Artline Stix pens with Stix Characters

A selection of characters for playing and attaching to Artline Stix pens with a sets available for both boys and girls.Stix characters are designed for children and to make colouring more fun and engaging.

Stix characters come from a place far away from Earth, Planet Stix. After their planet was taken over by black ink, they escaped to earth to devise a plan to save Planet Stix. There are 6 characters available:

Stix Characters - Drawing Pen Boy
  • Stix-i-lee - Creative, mischievous, adventurous, playful. Likes to buld. Best friends with Stix-i-bee.
  • Elfa - Lovely, strong, energetic, playful and very clever.
  • Marbus - Gentle, dependable, friendly, clumsy, wants to be everyones friend.
Stix Characters - Drawing Pen Girl
  • Rush - Excitable, reliable, mischievous, best friend with Coco, gets them into trouble.
  • Coco - Affectionate, helpful, best friend with Rush
  • Stix-i-bee - Kind, caring, gentle and will help anyone. Best friends with Stix-i-lee
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