Instawrap Lick and Stick Wrapping Paper

Instawrap makes wrapping gifts easier, more fun and better for the environment with lick and stick technology. No more sticky tape, less mess and more spare time.

To use, simply cut Instawrap to size and wrap around your gift. Then activate the area you want to stick with one lick and press the two edges together.

Instawrap Infographic

Instawrap is tasteless and either side of the paper can be stuck allowing you to always have two hands free. It leaves presents sticky tape free preventing unsightly plastic on your gifts.

Gifts are both simpler to wrap and can be wrapped quicker with Instawrap, as time wasted cutting tape (and accidentally sticking it to everything but the gift), is completely eradicated.

As either side of the paper is sticky, you can stick cards and other tags to the paper with a simple lick,

100% recyclable, Instawrap reduces your carbon footprint and helps lessen your plastic waste.

Available in various styles for differing occasions.

Why Instawrap?

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