LOQI HEY STUDIO Paris Drawstring Backpack

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This stunning bag design is inspired by the ladies of France. From the large Eiffel tower to the lipstick featured on the bag, you'll feel as though you're in Paris. Pink is the predominant colour used on this bag. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

Product Code: BP.HEY.PA

The LOQI HEY STUDIO Paris Drawstring Backpack has a wide range of useful features:

  • Build for any weather conditions
  • Easy to wash 
  • Carry up to 10KG in weight 
  • Chemical free  

LOQI praise themselves on their unique and quirky designs. Alongside their high quality material's they use to manufacturer their products. LOQI collaborate with various different artists from around the world ensuring they stay up to date and constitutionally stay up to date with new designs.

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