Parker Jotter "London" Ballpoint in Various Styles with Chrome Trims

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Introducing the London based range of Parker Jotters each featuring a chrome finished upper mechanism with black satin detail and a contrasting colour body. The upper body of the pen also features a stylish chiselled pattern for that extra touch of elegance.

Each colour is inspired by different London location including Chelsea, Bond Street, Waterloo,Victoria and Kensington. Choose your style by selection an option in the drop down menu.

You can choose from:

  • Chelsea Orange
  • Waterloo Blue
  • Victoria Violet
  • Kensington Red
  • Bond Street Black

Each Parker Jotter includes the trademark arrow emblematic of Parker's history. The shape of the body is very distinctive and recognised worldwide boasting a somewhat contemporary and timeless design.

The Jotter functions incredibly well as an everyday writing instrument, promoting non skip writing with ink that dries quickly and doesn't smudge. The Jotter also writes incredible smoothly due to a unique two ball design aimed at reducing friction and producing neater handwriting.

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