Parker Vector BEN Fountain Pen Special Edition French Titles

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The Special Edition French Titles Parker Vector BEN Fountain Pen is a light weight luxury fountain pen that features a Black Barrel, Stainless Steel Nib and Trims. French writing features as a design element on each pen (please see the phrases below). Included is a free pen case and blue refill.

The nib is medium and comes with a single blue cartridge.The titles are roughly translated as follows:
  • Rien a dire - tout a ecrire = Nothing to say - everything to write
  • Desine moi la vie - desine moi un mot = design my life - design a word for me
  • Prete moi ta plume = Lend me your Pen
  • J'aime les gros mots d'amour = I love great words of love 
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