Zebra Z-Mulsion Ballpoint Pen Available in Black, Blue, Red, Viloet, Pink or Aqua

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Zebra Z-Mulsion Ballpoint Ink Pen
This pen and it's ink formulation are brand new to the market
What is Emulsion Ink?
The definition of Emulsion is "The suspension of liquid in a liquid." As of today, this is the 4th generation ink formulated by Zebra Pen. Though 'Hybrid' inks have been introduced to the writing instrument market, none of the formulations have produced the full emulsion ink properties now offered in the emulsion refill from Zebra Japan.

The pen is available in 6 in colours Black, Blue, Red, Violet, Pink & Aqua
It has a 1.00mm tip with a comfortable rubber grip and it is said to be the smoothest writing pen with the least amount of friction in the market
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